Scorpion Hunter® EXPLORER KIT

Scorpion Hunter® EXPLORER KIT
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4 Piece EXPLORER Kit - $19.99


    • Over 40% SAVINGS compared to individual purchase
    • COMPLETE SYSTEM: The Most Effective Scorpion Removal. WHY?

UT9 Flashlight: Reliable and compact light to fluoresce ALL scorpions. Common AAA batteries means longer run times and low cost of ownership. 1/4 watt power is Best in Class
8" GloGrip Tweezers: Physically removing the scorpion is ALWAYS BEST. Tiny baby 'live' scorpions on the female DO NOT glow! Simply killing or stepping on the scorpion may leave dozens of scorpions behind to scatter.
Amber Goggles: Increase viewing contrast and eye safety. Blocks 100% UV light while passing full detail of glowing scorpions.
1) Protect your eyes
2) See smaller scorpions (less than 1/4 inch long)
Storage Box: Convenient and quick. Keep your Scorpion Hunting Tools organized and ready. Goggles stay "scratch-free"
Effective: Do the job right the first time. Our kit REALLY works! Don't leave ANY scorpions behind. You may NEVER find them again till they find YOU first.

  • Measures 9" x 4-1/2" x 2-1/2"
  • Weighs: 11oz

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