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Welcome to the official Scorpion Hunter Store since 2005. Your complete resource for both finding and removing scorpions safely without the environmental hazards of poisons or gadgets that don't work. We pioneered the first ultra violet (UV) solutions that continue to set the standards. Lowest prices and Highest power. Scorpions are now easily hunted at amazing 100+ feet distances as a bright "blue-green" glow using our advanced Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology. Permanent removal is fast and easy with our exclusive Interceptor tools that scorpions can't escape, large or small. Innovation, not imitation. Our patented designs are simple, effective, reliable and extremely durable. Simple technology that simply works. To our testimony, since 2002 we've been pioneering revolutionary "green" LED solid state lighting (SSL) solutions that are now saving billions $$$ in energy costs and recycled materials for home owners and businesses alike. Simply stated, our customers always enjoy a "Best in Class" scorpion eradication experience.

Scorpion Hunter products also work well for locating pet urine, A/C freon, unsanitary conditions, and CSI tasks. Custom designed units specific to your task needs are available upon request.

We invite you to browse and shop with confidence. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours. We adhere to a strict privacy policy. Nothing will be shared, sold, or otherwise distributed. We invite you to come visit our Factory Showroom for hands-on demos with real scorpions. 4049 E. Presidio #115, Mesa, AZ 85215. 100% Satisfaction

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